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Lori's Horse Portraits Goes To VHSA Finals in Lexington, Virginia

November 15, 2008 -- Today we are heading down to the Virginia Horse Show Association Finals in Lexington, Virginia. We have four young ladies from Whitestone Farms who train with Carol Hawley competing in various divisions. A fifth, who's horse won her division last year, is riding horses from another barn.  My daughter is included in this bevy, and it will be her second year at VHSA.

It's amazing how many people and horses are at this show.  The first day with transporting the everything and everyone to the barns at the Virginia Horse Center was a little interesting because of the rain.  Absolute downpour.  The horses didn't seem to mind, but the humans got a little wet.  And cold.  And muddy.  

My husband and I went down the first day to help with the set up.  Lori's Horse Portraits is featured at the Whitestone Farms area in the barns.  Yay!  (And thank you Whitestone!)  The riders stayed to practice and compete, but once we had finished, we had to head back home for work. (Boo)

Today we're heading back down, and my daughter competes in Pleasure Pony and Short Stirrup divisions.  There are so many folks in every class, last year they had two classes in Pleasure Pony, each with forty ponies!  I don't know how the judge even looks at them all.  It's great fun to watch, and even more fun to be down at ground level, being a part of the action.  Even if you're just a mom groom.


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