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December 06, 2008

New Horse Portrait of Snickers!

Horse Portrait of SnickersSnickers (Gotta Have Faith) is a gifted and athletic Welsh cross large pony.  The excellent veterinarians at Rappahannock Equine suggested she might have some Morgan in her, which would explain her almost solid dark brown (not bay) coloring and developed musculature.  Her only marks are a star on her forhead and one on the end of her nose.

It might surprise you that I called Snickers a dark brown when her painting has so much chestnut.  What the heck happened?  This year, winter coats on all the horses have come in thickly, and to keep her cool during long workouts as well as looking nice for VHSA finals, Snick got the clip.  Under all that dark hair was a surprise!  She has a coat of many colors including dun, chestnut, gray, brown and dapple black. 

I didn't know if I could capture that amazing dapple with my brush, but with hope in my heart, I started out.  The result is a success, I think, taking many layers of paint to create.  I guess you Gotta Have Faith!